Don’t we care about our history? Let us contribute for Conservation in Australia

Heritage Stone Restorations has a history of involvement in many large scale projects of Conservation in Australia where special expertise and craft skills have been developed for stone conserve of historically significant buildings.
Historical monuments can have many years accumulated effluence and other weathering effects perceptible on them that can cause various problems including rotten stonework, structural issues and opening for water into the interior of the structure. There are very much less ways of stopping the weathering effects on buildings and monuments for stone Conservation in Australia; however, the after-effects can be removed and the problems deferred or in some cases alleviated completely.
Conservation in Australia and cleaning stone monuments is not just an artistic consideration but it is very essential in removing the rotting means from the surface which have a much larger impact than whether people think the building looks better while it is clean. Some of these stone Conservation in Australia programmes have utilised new technology and traditional methods used in the repair, restoration and conservation of the stonework.
Such experience has brought with it high levels of expertise which extend from the feasibility and material analysis stage through to project management and on-site specialist skills for Conservation in Australia. This permits the flexibility to respond to sensitive stone conservation in Australia within a restrictive time frame which is vital to restoration in a sympathetic interpretation of damaged historical fabric.
We help in stone Conservation in Australia with various systems to help remove the filths from such flagging surfaces. Stone monuments, buildings, statues and so forth can all be conserved with the use of suitable technique depending on whether they are interior or exterior and the fragility of the stone.
Detailed carving and bankering often carried out in-situ requires a consistent degree of empathy to match the work of the original craftsman.
HSR recognises the need for stone conservation of Australia’s historic buildings for future generations, and to conserve our cultural identity from early pioneer settlement. Australia is defined by its historic built environment; our heritage is distinct and unique, reflecting the nation’s development over the past 200 years.
Heritage Stone Restorations Pty Ltd has undertaken numerous stone conservation projects on Memorials and Monuments, liaising with architects, councils and conservators in an effort to maintain historical monuments with a high standard of workmanship.

Along with the stone conservation works, HSR also provides various training to different level of expertise; introductory courses in stone conservation and so forth. For professionals and Builders specially aimed at architects, surveyors, engineers, planners, builders, heritage advisors and craftspeople, there are very exaggerate training and courses available for conservation and restoration of historic buildings.

Conservation in Australia with attractive stone carving, cleaning and concrete repair through Heritage Stone Restoration

Heritage Stone restoration is a national award winning company specializing in the conservation in Australia and restoration of the historical buildings and monuments. Heritage Stone restoration (SA) group specializes in the latest stone cleaning JOS/ torc system, a chemical free, low pressure, rotating vortex process. It works gently and efficiently. If you are looking for perfect stone cleaning then HSR is your right choice. Heritage Stone restoration only uses the most modern techniques for its sympathetic stone cleaning and stone carving procedures, which are acknowledged to be both effective and environment friendly. Besides stone cleaning, it also allows for the safe removal of carbon pollutants from brick, concrete terracotta, ceramic tiles, glass and many other materials. It also works on Bronze, Brass, Copper Anodised Aluminums products, Oxidation/Sulphuration etc. Conservation in Australia is must for the preservation of the historic values. Thus through Heritage Stone restoration, conservation in Australia is much more simplified and aimed to the perfection. It’s highly skilled masons, produce intricate stone carving to the finest quality. Such traditional masonry skills are increasingly scarce. The outstanding abilities of staff and craftsmen of HSR make them diversified environments of an historic building, monument or fast track commercial project. HSR’s stonemasons have the all-round skills to not only produce hand worked masonry but also to fix rapidly on site when time pressures apply. These capabilities are only achieved through training, experience and thorough knowledge of the masonry and conservation fields. While talking about concretes, they are tough stuff but even concrete cracks and crumbles. But with HSR group, your all concrete cracks and crumbles are repaired at perfect level. Concrete repair is as simple as that with HSR. Heritage Stone restoration isAdelaide’s award winning company in alterations and additions to all residential properties.  Designing and constructing new homes and project managing commercial projects on time and within budget to exceed clientele expectations is the main theme of HSR.


Heritage Stone restoration have the experience and expertise to offer a wide range of stone cleaning, stone carving, concrete repair services. It offers a professional consultation and site survey service and can provide method statements and risk assessments. HSR is established as a stone conservation and restoration contractor in South Australia. It is a company with a strong management team promoting its commitment and dedication to its profession, employing qualified artisans from Australia and the UK to ensure the highest standard of workmanship, offering a range of traditional conservation techniques.


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